Tags in Psytech GeneSys

Tags are one of the most important features within the Psytech GeneSys system. They give you a tool that can be used to help you personalise the structure of your data, making things like finding single respondents from within thousands simple, or for forming large data sets from respondent records that all have linked references with just a simple search. Tagging respondents is the most effective way within GeneSys to link multiple respondents with shared properties together across your dataset.


What are Tags?

Tags are essentially labels that can be attached to one or more respondents. These labels can have any text written on them, from the respondents’ organisation, the nature of the recruitment, comments of the assessment process, the assessment center they were part of. The list is endless. Once used, a tag is then always available to be attached to another respondents in the future.


Tags are searchable

All tags are indexed within the system, meaning that they can then be used to instantly filter respondents using the live search tools Psytech GeneSys offers. This means it’s as simple as typing the first few letters of the tag in the search field to start getting a meaningful filtered respondent data. Tags can also be used with logical searches where you wish to find respondent data for people with Tag1 AND Tag2, or people with Tag1 OR Tag2.


Why would you Tag?

Tagging is easy. Once your data is tagged you can find you data in seconds, easily find specific respondents and use them to create an ideal profile, or form large sets of data that you can then use to build your own norm.


To Tag or to Group?

Groups within Psytech GeneSys are temporary structures allowing you to form collections of respondents. A group could be made, for example, for an assessment center day where you wish to perform a Managed Group assessment to all respondents within the group. Once that assessment center is complete the group becomes redundant and can be deleted at any time without the loss of data.

Tags are however persistent, linked to the respondent whenever they are used within GeneSys allowing you to keep a permanent, filterable record of the assessment center, shared property or other activity.


How do you Tag?

Select one or more respondents, and then click the Tag. Type in the tags label and press OK.

That’s it.

If you already have tags, they will all be available to use instead of typing them again.

If you want to remove a tag from one or more respondents it’s just as easy. Select the respondents, click the Tag, and select the ones you want to remove and press OK.