3.0 New GeneSys Interface

When GeneSys Online was developed, the interface was designed to allow users to quickly add respondents, test them, and then get reports.

Over the years many new features and administrations methods have been added to GeneSys Online, making the interface difficult to adapt for any other new features, while keeping everything as easy as possible to do. It also became difficult to be able to manage large groups.

Ease of use is the key principle of any software interface. If software is too complicated to use, then people are put off from using it.

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds since GeneSys 2.0 was released 5 years ago. Now Adobe Flash Player is advancing on an almost weekly basis as new system are developed (Tablets and smartphones for example). We are therefore now in a position to take advantage of one of the fastest growing technologies available to web users. A technology that offers a user experience like no other, and one that will work on any browser even older ones without warning the end user to try sometime else.

Older versions of Flash Player, like the versions required for GeneSys 2.0, had very little to offer for user interfaces. Everything onscreen had to be created graphically and then animated. This of course is an extremely lengthy process, and made the system very constrained. The latest versions however offer complete components that can be used in any way we choose. Meaning we can offer an interface that has features you will recognise easily from using other software or operating systems (Such as menus, ranked and filtered tables, etc). The other benefit of these components is that they can be “skinned”, meaning that they can be made to look like anything we choose.

With the power of new Flash technologies at hand we are therefore completely redesigning the user interface in 3.0. The new layout will allow for huge expansion in the system, allowing us to add new features seamlessly. It makes adding one respondent as easy as adding 1000. Navigation through the system is quick and easy using context sensitive menus that change depending on what you are doing, only offering you choices that are relevant to how you are using the system.

Simple features such as dragging and dropping are being included to speed things up further. Advanced instant search features allow you to locate individuals or groups of related respondents just by pressing a couple of buttons. These search results can then have actions performed on them, such as being dragged into groups, tagging, etc.

Respondents information will be available at the click of a button. Summery views are available to give you an overall impression of project progress.

Information about your account is always on display, letting you know all the activity of the system. Notifications are shown on screen, allowing you to see when respondents have completed a test, or reports that have been generated.

Tags can be added to individual respondents, or groups of respondents to make them easier to find, or used to create norm groups, for example.


GeneSys Online 3.0 Features

This is a list of main new features that will be included with 3.0 (most will be available at launch), all features from 2.0 will be included:

New layout – Using new Flash 10.1 components, GeneSys will look and feel more like an actual software application rather than a website application.

Drag and drop – the use of drag and drop has been increased to make managing respondents easier.

Groups – quickly make groups of respondents. Enhanced group design makes managing large numbers of respondents fast and easy.

Respondent Orientated – GeneSys Online 2.0 see’s each result as a separate respondent. This makes organising respondents that have completed multiple tests difficult. 3.0 will change this. It will be Respondent orientated, meaning you can have a full history of each individual respondent.

Tags – add tags to individuals or groups of respondents. Tags speed up searching, and filtering. For Example, you could add a tag with a project name to a group of respondents, then search for that project to display all respondents in it. Multiple tags can be assigned to each respondent.

Advanced 360 – A whole range of new 360 features are being developed.

Summary Views – New summary views can display additional information on your data.

Instant Searching – Result will instantly filter while to type a search query in.

Advanced filtering – Use the search box to create custom filters. Filter on any respondent details, including name, tests taken, bio data, tags, etc.

Notification window – A window that displays all activity in the account, and allows direct access to respondents and results.

Custom Norms – create your own norms from your own data.

Ideal Profiles – create ideal profiles, and compare your respondents to the profile.

Custom email templates – build your own emails to be sent out by the system. Allows the use of HTML. Templates can be created for email subjects, email body.

Data Protection – As GeneSys online data is help in the UK it is protected by the UK Data Protection Act.  However, other countries/companies choose to set their own policies. You will therefore be able to determine your own data protection policies, and data protection agreements.

Custom Bio Data – GeneSys online collects default bio data. If this is not enough for you, you can create custom bio data fields, and save that information for your respondents. Then search and filter by it.

User levels – Multiple user privilege levels will be allowed. Master users will be able to create sub users. Users from the same accounts can share data and credits.

SMS reminders – if you enter a respondents mobile phone number, you can choose to send SMS reminders directly to their phone. You will be able to buy bundles of SMS credits.

Context sensitive menus – a simple context sensitive menu will monitor what you are doing, and offer you relevant options.

And much, much more!

Proposed additional features, which may not be available upon 3.0 launch:

Mobile phone / Tablet apps – Monitor your account, request/download reports, invite respondents, check project progress, etc.

Assessment Center Designer – A fully features assessment center module.

GeneSys Online Blog Launched

The GeneSys Online Blog was launched today.

This blog will offer information on new and upcoming features for GeneSys Online.

GeneSys Online is one of the most advanced online psychometric testing platforms available, and has so far been used to assess over 1.5 million people worldwide, in over 20 different languages.

The GeneSys assessment system was first developed over 20 years ago, and has since then undergone constant development. GeneSys Online (1.0) was one of the first online psychometric testing platforms which went live almost 10 years ago now. For its time 1.0 was at the forefront of online testing, offering advanced performance and security, that even some platforms today do not offer (or have only recently introduced).

As new technologies were developed, and adopted globally, GeneSys was given an opportunity to grow. Taking advantage of new Flash Player features the entire GeneSys Online system was re-developed in 2005 to produce the current version GeneSys Online (2.0).

2.0 was a huge leap forward in user access, security and control. 2.0 offered an improved user interface and new methods of supervised and unsupervised administration. 2.0 has been continuously updated over the years since its release to add new administration methods, such as Open Group, or iSupervise (The only system to allow remote supervised administration). 360 Degree modules were included, and new and improved reports have been added.

Again, technology has continued to advance, and the release of Adobe Flash Player 10.1 has enhanced the internet based applications even further.

So…what next?

Production began on 3.0 in late 2010.

3.0 promises to be a giant leap into the future of online testing.

All new features that will be brought to you in 3.0 will be discussed here in future posts.