Introducing the Adapt-g Ability Test

Psytech has unveiled its latest ability assessment, the Adapt-g.  Designed to assess reasoning ability (like the traditional GRT1 and GRT2), its key advantages are that:

  • It is an adaptive test, meaning that it tailors question difficulty on the fly to suit the test-taker’s ability level, and can be administered unsupervised.
  • It focuses on general mental ability, or g, which is consistently shown to be the best single predictor of job performance and trainability.
  • It is an ideal screening tool.

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Tags in Psytech GeneSys

Tags are one of the most important features within the Psytech GeneSys system. They give you a tool that can be used to help you personalise the structure of your data, making things like finding single respondents from within thousands simple, or for forming large data sets from respondent records that all have linked references with just a simple search. Tagging respondents is the most effective way within GeneSys to link multiple respondents with shared properties together across your dataset.

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New GeneSys Online System Launch: Roll-out to start in the UK – 9/4/2013

As of 9/4/2013 the new version of Psytech GeneSys Online will begin its global roll-out, starting in the UK and spreading out to other markets over the following weeks. *

The new Psytech GeneSys Online system will offer a range of powerful new features, offering  increased flexibility and enhanced control over your respondents and their data, while  maintaining the user friendliness of the previous version.
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