BPS EFPA Qualifications – 04/09/2013 Cutoff Date To Map BPS Level A/B To EFPA Standards

As you may be aware that the BPS changed the standards of the formally known Level A and B qualifications back in September 2011. The new EFPA standards (European Federation Psychological Association) now mean that the qualifications are now recognised throughout Europe and no longer just the UK.

All previous BPS Level A & B qualifications will no longer be recognised as of 4th September 2013 however can be mapped over to the new EFPA qualifications. If the BPS has not already contacted you in regard to this we recommend contacting them to ensure your details are fully up to date.

To ensure you remain on their Register of Competence all you need to do is to have kept up your annual registration fee, currently £36. If you are unsure of your current status we would suggest you contact the BPS prior to the deadline to settle the fee of £36 if needed. You can either email them on enquiry@psychtesting.org.uk or call on 0116 252 9530 to check this with them.

If you fail to register before the deadline but would still like your qualification[s] registered with the BPS it will be a requirement that you are re-assessed for some or all of the modules. Whilst we would be able to provide such a service there would inevitably be incurred costs for you.

Should you have any questions regarding the contents of this message, or the attached from the BPS, please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Hornsby, our Training Co-ordinator, on 01525 720003 or by email on l.hornsby@psytech.com.