GeneSys Online Report Sets – Group & Custom reports

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the new GeneSys Online system (3.0) will be introducing the concept of “report sets”.

Report sets are sets of reports bundled together for the same test. This means that users can access all reports available for a given psychometric test (Extended, Standard Feedback reports etc.) without paying anything extra. Once the set has been purchased all reports within the set will be free to download at any point for this given result.

How does this work with Group reports and custom reports therefore? And will the user need to pay more for these?

The easiest way to explain how these will be handled is to address them separately.

Group Reports

Group reports are currently only offered when requesting results for more than 1 person. These group all respondents into one report and export a table of scores without narrative.

This is essentially a form of data export for paid results.

So, for the new system we are developing a range of Data Reports in excel format that can be requested for an individual, or for a group.

The new “Data Report” will be included in the price of the “report set”, both when requesting reports individually or when requesting for multiple respondents at once.

Custom Reports

Custom reports are reports that we have been commissioned to build for a distributor or specific client. At the point of commission a price for the report was agreed.

These same reports will be available to the specific clients/distributors and will keep the fixed price. By default these custom reports will not be included in a report set.

Custom report sets that include these custom reports can be negotiated seperatly.


Please note that these updates are not yet live and will not be added to the online system until the release of GeneSys Online 3.0.

Report Sets – GeneSys Online 3.0

A feature many of our users have asked for to be included in the new online system is one we have offered our GeneSys 3 software users for many years now.

That is the ability to pay once for a test and then generate as many reports based on that result as they wish.

The existing version of GeneSys Online (v2.0) works very differently from the GeneSys 3 approach. In this you complete an assessment for free and then pay for every report that is produced, even if you have already purchased the report in the past. For users wanting a variety of reports this can prove to be very expensive.
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