EFPA Training – BPS Announces changes to Level A and Level B Certification Scheme

The British Psychological Society (BPS) has now announced the commencement of the long awaited update / replacement for the Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing.  The widely recognised BPS Level A Certificate and Level B Intermediate, Intermediate Plus and Full Certificates have been in place since 1993.  As of Dec 2010, 10,584 had completed the Level B Intermediate qualification.  Psytech are proud to say we have trained nearly 25% of that number on our own!  This must make us the largest single contributor in the provision of Psychometric qualifications?

Some might argue that the review of qualifications is overdue.  The Level A/B scheme was designed at a time when pencil and paper based testing was far more prevalent and computer based testing was in its relative infancy.  Today, with the exponential growth in internet based testing, such as GeneSys Online, the globalisation of the psychometric market and developments in testing theories, test user qualifications need to reflect the current reality.

EFPA stands for European Federation of Psychological Associations.  As the title suggests, the new qualification will be recognised not just by BPS, but also by the wider psychological societies of Europe, bringing harmonisation of standards across the continent.  The BPS have been the lead body in the development of the new standards, and thus there is much in common with the previous Level A and Level B standards.  In a future article we will focus on the details of EFPA, and the similarities and differences in the standards.

The new qualifications available will be:

  • Assistant Test User  – ATU (analogous to the BPS Test Administrator Certificate)
  • Test User Ability – TUA and Test User Personality – TUP, (analogous  to the Level A and Level B Intermediate certificates respectively)
  • Test User Personality:  additional instruments TUPAI (analogous to Level B Intermediate Plus)
  • Specialist Test User -STU (analogous to the Level B Full Certificate from BPS)

The ATU qualification will equate to EFPA Level 1, TUA and TUP / TUPAI will be at EFPA Level 2 and STU will sit at EFPA Level 3.

The Psychological Testing Centre, the BPS department responsible for Test User Qualifications, has announced that training providers can now apply for verification in the new standards. although there is a two year overlap where the Level A/B scheme can continue whilst new provision is put in place. You can be assured that Psytech will remain at the forefront of this new provision as we are currently undertaking work towards becoming one of the first to be verified for the new qualifications. Psytech will also be enhancing the GeneSys User Course to incorporate the new EFPA Assistant User qualification.


(update: 12/12/2011)

Psytech International have today been certified to provide EFPA Level 1, level 2 and Level 3 training courses (http://www.genesysonline.net/blog/?p=159)