GeneSys Online 3.0 – User Privileges

A new feature to be included with GeneSys Online 3.0 will be user privileges.

Currently GeneSys Online has single users, who can have some interactivity. While this structure is fine for individuals, it not ideal for companies with a large number of users.

3.0 is introducing a new structure to accounts to enhance this.

Each account will have a “master user”. The master user will have full privileges in the system, essentially in the same way all users currently do in the existing system. However, the master has one extra tool.

Every master user will have the ability to create sub accounts and assign to roles each sub account will have. These sub accounts are separate logins, all within the same account and can function together, or separately. Data and credits can be shared, or kept in separate in each users system.

Some of the privileges that can be assigned include:

  • Test Administration
  • Report Generation
  • Credit updating
  • Data sharing
  • Credit sharing
  • System Settings

And more.