CRTB2 Executive Level Norm

Psytech International have just released an additional norm for CRTB2. Recognising that Critical Reasoning Assessments are commonly used for senior role selection, and in response to requests for  ‘Executive’ level comparators from clients, we have undertaken analysis of international respondent data for CRTB2 where it has been used for senior level assessment.  Accordingly 1072 respondents were identified as having been assessed in relation to senior, executive or higher level leadership roles.  The term ‘Executive’ has been used to differentiate between Graduate Managerial and Senior role respondents.

Of  the group identified (N=1072) 712 were males and 360 were females. It is acknowledged that males are the predominant group and is felt to be a reflection of the reality of the (widely recognised and debated) proportionate representation of males Vs females within the Executive level population.  The age range of respondents for senior positions was 21 to 69, with a mean age of 37 years and 8 months.  The group consists (where declared) of an internationally diverse range of nationalities, having European, African, Asian and Australasian respondents. The educational level (where declared) of respondents is predominantly Graduate level, with Masters and Professional Level qualifications widely cited, up to and including PhD level respondents.


In terms of comparison to the standard Graduate Managerial the table below provides data for the Executive Level Vs the Graduate Managerial level Norm Populations:


Norm Dim Sample Size Mean SD
GraduatesManagers Verbal Critical 365 20.07 6.70
Executive Level Verbal Critical 1072 22.74 7.14
GraduatesManagers Numerical Critical 364 10.79 4.75
Executive Level Numerical Critical 1072 14.93 4.59


Respondents within the Executive Level norm can be seen to achieve a higher mean score on both the Verbal Critical (VCr2)and Numerical Critical (NCr2) scales, with the Executive Level having a VCr2 mean 2.67 raw score points higher than the Graduate Managerial norm.  However, the greatest difference is in the NCr2 results.  The Executive Level norm has a scale mean 4.19 raw score points higher than the Graduate Managerial Norm.  This seems to indicate the importance of  greater numerical skills  within senior level respondents.


Accordingly, this norm is suitable for use where high level /high ability applicants are desired.  Having been constructed from international data, it should be suitable for use in a wide range of settings for senior level respondents from a wide range of backgrounds, where performance on an international stage is required at the highest levels.

The new Executive Level norms are available in all GeneSys Online accounts, as well as available for GeneSys 3.6 download below:

Executive Level – UK

Executive Level – International