15FQ+ Behavioural Interview Report Released

The Behavioural Interview Report provides structured behavioural interview questions to attempt to elicit information about a respondent’s past behaviour. Such a technique is based on the premise that past behaviour is seen as the best predictor of future behaviour. Interviewees’ responses are generally considered reliable because they are based on what they actually did, as opposed to offering opinions or hypothetical responses.

Organisations use competencies and competency frameworks to identify, develop and reinforce certain types of behaviours that are required to achieve organisational success. Today almost all the Fortune 500 corporations have integrated the concept of competencies in all critical areas of human resources management. The competency focused report aids organisations to identify and develop competency related behaviours.

This report uses Psytech Fine Nine competency framework to help identify typical behaviour in each of the model’s competency domains. A competency is defined as the specific set of skills, knowledge and behaviour that is required to complete particular work tasks effectively. Unlike aptitudes or personality traits, which are relatively enduring and stable over time, competencies can be acquired and refined through appropriate mentoring, coaching and training.

The report is intended as a tool to facilitate selection decisions. It can be used as a starting point to facilitate behavioural interviews and help elicit evidence of respondent’s actual behaviour in the workplace based on the dimensions used in this report.


Sample Report